Mr. Aboud Moeva

Alternate, Principal Secretary State Department for Irrigation

Appointed to the Board on April 22, 2020
Business Management
Project Analysis

Personal Profile

Mr. Moeva was appointed to the Board on April 22, 2020. He is a holder of a Master in Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Strategic Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in General Agriculture both from the University of Nairobi.

He possesses vast expertise in Agriculture and is an Agriculturalist/Community mobilizer. He has acquired an extensive professional profile of over 21 years’ experience in management of Irrigation development. He has done several professional courses such as Irrigation Project Preparation Course, Ministry of Agriculture (1989), Farmers Organization and Development, Ministry of Agriculture (1989) and Smallholder Irrigation Promotion Course, Tsukuba International Center-Japan (1999) among others.

He currently holds office as the Irrigation Sectary and has previously held several responsibilities including: Head of Planning, Monitoring and Information Management-Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Head of Budget and Project Coordination Branch- Ministry of Agriculture, District Agricultural Officer-Lamu district among others.