The project intends to put additional 30,000 acres under irrigation in Samburu, Marsabit and Isiolo counties within five (5) years and to ultimately contribute to the achievement of the target of 1 million acres under irrigation by 2030 across the country. The project aims to increase food security in these counties as well as meet the water requirements for domestic and livestock needs.

It will also support production of rice (NERICA) with an expected 1000kg/ha, production of fodder and horticultural crops to supplement nutrition needs for communities contributing directly to the achievement of 100% food and nutrition agenda of the BIG FOUR. In addition, the project will enhance ground water recharge in the region that has numerous boreholes whose yield has been declining.

The planned main project activities includes Construction and lining of water pans, Installation of drip irrigation systems and greenhouses, supply of storage tanks and pumps.

Spate Irrigation for Climate Change