Rwabura Irrigation Project is located in Gatundu South Constituency of Kiambu County. The area extends approximately 2.8km North East and 2.5kms south west of Gatundu town, and is bounded by Kikuyu escarpment to the North and Kiaora Estate to the South. The project area covers approximately 13.4kms comprising of twenty-six (26) sub locations. This include parts of the Gatundu South District and falls within three divisions namely Ngenda in the south, Kigano in the west and Ndarugu in the North. Two of the divisions (Kiganjo and Ndarungu) borders the forest while Ngenda borders coffee estates. The project is supposed to benefit approximately 20,000 households. The project was mooted by farmers in the project area after witnessing benefits accrued by the irrigation farmers in other parts of the country.

Project Objective

Main objective of the project is to determine and develop the optimal irrigable area within Rwabura and Thiririka river system through development of efficient conveyance and irrigation system including water storage reservoirs. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the food security situation in the project are
  • To improve the income levels of the local population
  • To improve agricultural productivity in the area
  • To create employment opportunities and promote growth of agro based industries