Rwabura Irrigation Project

Rwabura Irrigation Project is located in Gatundu South sub County, Kiambu County. The project targets one thousand five hundred (1500) acres of irrigable land and three thousand (3000) farmers where it is expected to serve more than twelve thousand two hundred (12,200) households. The main sources of water are river Rwabura and river Thiririka. The project target is to determine and develop the optimal irrigable area within Rwabura and Thiririka River system through the development of efficient conveyance and irrigation systems including water storage reservoirs. The idea of the project was proposed by the farmers after they witnessed benefits arising from irrigation farming practiced by other farmers in other parts of the country.

The objectives of the Project are:
  1. To improve the food security situation in the project area
  2. To improve the income levels of the local population thereby improving their social economic well being
  3. To improve agricultural productivity in the area
  4. To contribute to the achievement of vision 2030 by bringing more area under irrigated agricultural production
  5. To create employment opportunities for vulnerable sections of the population especially youth and women
  6. To promote growth of agro- based industries by providing a reliable and steady supply of raw materials
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