Lower Sabor Irrigation Development Project is located in Tembelio Location, in the semi-arid Moiben Constituency in Uasin Gishu County. The area receives erratic and poorly distributed rainfall. The main objective of the project is to diversify and increase farmers’ income and ensure food security. The project is set to cover 2,000 acres and benefit 750 households with a total of 3, 500 persons. The main source of water is Chepkoilel River which passes Sabor forest and farmers will grow horticultural crops using sprinkler irrigation method. Implementation of the project will involve clearing trees /shrubs and boulders in Sabor forest along the pipe, construction of intake weir, installation of 12,625meters long main pipeline, 3 sub-main pipe lines 15,625meters long, 6 distribution pipelines 17,260meters long and 700 on-farm sprinkler irrigation infield systems. The contract was awarded to Riang International Group on October 10, 2017 then signed on November 6, 2017. Upon signing of the contract, implementation works commencement date was set for February 8, 2018. The project is set to take 18 months to the completion date of August 8, 2019 once funds for works are received from the Government of Kenya.

Project Components
  1. Intake works- construction of intake weir
  2. Installation of sedimentation tank
  3. Construction of pipelines: Main pipeline – 12, 625m, Sub main 1 pipeline – 2400m, Sub main 2 Pipeline – 1275m, Sub main 3 pipeline – 8300m, Sub Main 1 (Branch 1) pipeline – 3625m, Sub Main 1 (Branch 2) pipeline – 3700m, Distribution 1 Pipeline - 875m, Distribution 2 Pipeline -  2500m, Distribution 3 Pipeline -  3250m, Distribution 4 Pipeline -  3400m, Distribution 5 Pipeline -  5125m, Distribution 4 Pipeline - 
  4. Clearing trees/shrubs and boulders in Sabor forest along the pipe profile.
  5. Installation of 750 on-farm sprinkler irrigation infield systems.
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