Background Information

Green  house farming is a recent  agro-technology  focusing on agriculture with limited water resource and  controlled environment.  National Irrigation Authority under the Expanded National Irrigation Programme introduced this project targeting organized groups and learning institutions all over the country. The idea was started as a demonstration  so that  the community could learn about the technology and adapt the same in their own farm.
To enhance involvement of the community, the groups issued with the Green Houses are required to  provide labor for the required land preparation, sixty (60) wheelbarrows of manure, ten (10) wheelbarrows of sand, ten (10) wheelbarrows of ballast and six(6) bags of cement. This was a form of cost-sharing to enhance ownership of the project.
On the side of the Authority provides the Green House structure complete with the drip line, crop support, first seedlings and training, including the inputs.  Where water is not directly available, provision for pump, piping and other necessary  accessories are also provided for within the package.

Three projects have been done so far:

1. Kauti Irrigation Clusters in Makueni and Machakos county - 27  Green Houses

2. National Green House Project Phase one:  300 Green Houses , 100 acres of open drip kits and 200, 1/8acre kits.

3. National Green House Project Phase two: 200 Green House

Kauti Cluster
1. Makueni County    
  1) Groups 7 13
2. Machakos County    
  1) Groups 4 8
  2)Schools 6 6
  Total no. of Units   27
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