The Galana Model Farm which covers 10,000 acres contract was awarded to Green Arava of Israel at a contract sum of KES 14,545,106,963.00 on September 2014.The contract was later revised to KES 7,294,853,036.00 after deferment of some items.

The contract was for a duration of 30 calendar months and was expected to be completed in March 2016, whereby the contractor was expected to complete construction/installation of irrigation infrastructure within 18 months and test the system during defects liability period of 12 months. The contract was later extended twice and was expected to be completed by 20th January 2018 but the works are still not complete with the completion estimated to be 85%.

The contracted components of the contract are the following;

  1. Construction of 2 No. intakes on river Galana and installation of conveyance pipelines and Installation of 24 No. centre pivot irrigation systems for maize covering 4,000 acres.
  2. Installation of drip irrigation systems for maize covering 6,000 acres
  3. Construction of a logistics center that would house the maize mill, driers, garages, offices, training centers among others.

In December 2015, a commercial loan of KES 6.35 billion was signed with Bank Leumi of Israel to finance the contract whereby KES 5.509 billion was to meet the cost of the contractor payment certificates and KES 841,501,428.00 was to cater for loan insurance (Ashra). Before the loan became effective, KES 2.55 billion from GOK had been spent to pay the contractor.

Progress of Works

The implementation status of the project is 85% for the implementation of the irrigation infrastructure and 51% for the overall irrigation area achieved. To-date the following has been achieved;

  1. Currently 85% of infrastructure is complete.
  2. 51% of area under irrigation is complete.
  3. NIA is carrying out production directly and installation of 20 no. center pivots has been done.
  4. Installation of 8 no. of pumps has been carried out and 5 no. of pumps have been delivered on site awaiting installation.
  5. The construction of drying slab, installation of 2 driers, a tractor shed and garage has been completed.
  6. A total of 80% assorted machinery has been supplied onsite
  7. The installation of a drip irrigation system covering 1800 acres along with (a 45,000 cubic meter water pan and 6 no. of pumps as the support system) has been completed.


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