• Bura Irrigation Rehabilitation Project
    Bura Irrigation Rehabilitation Project

    The Project aims at enhancing national food security through installation of gravity water abstraction system to lower the cost of production and increase the area under irrigation in Bura irrigation scheme to 15,000 acres from the current 6,000 acres thus meeting the food need of the community in the arid county of Tana River, its neighboring counties and Kenya at large.

    Construction works for Bura Irrigation and Settlement Scheme Rehabilitation Project was contracted to IVRCL Company. The Government of Kenya (GoK) is financing 70% of the project cost while 30% is financed by Arab partners comprising of Kuwait Fund for International Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).


  • Mwea Irrigation Development Project
    Mwea Irrigation Development Project

    In a bid to improve the reliability of irrigation water and increase area under irrigation in Mwea Irrigation scheme, NIB is constructing the Thiba dam and infrastructure for irrigation area financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Government of Kenya (GoK) under the Mwea Irrigation Development Project. The component of the project includes:

    1. Construction of the Thiba dam;
    2. Construction works for irrigation and Drainage facilities in the expansion area,
    3. Mutithi section covering 10,000 acres;
    4. Procurement works of Operation and Maintenance equipment;
    5. Resettlement of Project affected Persons (PAP) from the Dam area through community site development;
    6. Compensation for the canal way leave and livelihoods restoration.


  • The National Economic Food Security Project (Galana)
    The National Economic Food Security Project (Galana)

    The Government of Kenya through the National Irrigation Board is using irrigation technologies to ensure intensification of production and the opening of new projects in the arid and semi-arid areas to achieve food security in the country. One such project is The Galana/ Kulalu Food Security Project that is hosted by two counties, Kilifi and Tana River. One of its intended results is to bring down the price of Kenya's staple food (Maize).

    This involves development of physical infrastructure for viable and economic utilization of the natural resources available within or accessible to the area making up the Galana and Kulalu Ranches including but not limited to water storage, water conveyance and distribution, irrigation, livestock production, aquaculture, road network, land development, eco-tourism, among others.


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