On July 5,2023, Mr Felix Koskei, Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, accompanied by the PS State Department for Irrigation Mr Ephantus Kimotho, National Irrigation Authority Chairman Eng.Gilbert Maluki, Acting CEO Eng. Charles Muasya and other senior officials from National Government, National Irrigation Authority and County Government of Kilifi paid a familiarization visit to Galana Kulalu Model Farm to assess the implementation progress of the Presidential directives on the Project.

In January this year, His Excellency the President Hon. William Samoei Ruto, PhD.,C.G.H directed that production of maize on the already completed 10,000 acres to commence under PPP, Completion of the other 10,000 acres for production under PPP and prepare to construct a dam under PPP to put an additional 350,000 acres under Food production.

To implement these directives, the Authority has engaged a private investor Twiga Foods to undertake production on the completed 10,000 acres after they submitted a Project Implementation Proposal (PIP) on production of 10,000 acre model farm and development of an additional 10,000 acre to bring the total area to 20,000 acres.

The PIP was approved to progress to Project Development Phase as per the PPP Act of 2021. The Development phase entails maize production trial on 538 acres and technical studies for the proposed 20,000 acres as well as preparation of detailed proposal.

Currently, the investor has established maize crop for trial on 538 acres and its being managed under different trial treatments. Four varieties of maize have been planted and all are progressing well. The investor is also carrying out studies on soils, Irrigation systems and crop water requirements in readiness for expansion as per the presidential directive.

On Implementation of the Galana Dam directive, a Project Implementation Proposal has already been submitted by a private investor and its currently under review. Another PIP on development of the additional 350,000 acres has also been received from another Private Investor and it’s also under review by the Authority.

During the visit, the Head of Public Service Mr. Felix koskei was pleased with the progress of compliance with the Presidential directives and urged the Authority to finalize the ongoing reviews of the submitted PIPs. He thanked Twiga Foods for the good job being done on site and confirmed that he is satisfied with the work done so far. He assured Kenyans that with the steps being taken by the Government and Private Sector to produce food, issues of food insecurity will be addressed once and for all.