PS visit to Irrigation Projects in Wajir County

Principal Secretary, Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation, Joseph W. Irungu, CBS, accompanied by Wajir North, Member of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdisal, National Irrigation Authority CEO, Mr. Gitonga Mugambi, and other local leaders and senior officers from the Authority toured Bute water pan, Ogorgi water pan and Bute mega dam site in Wajir North constituency on November 4, 2021. They assessed the progress of works done by National Irrigation Authority in the constituency as well as inspected the site where Bute mega Dam is expected to be built by Nothern Water Works Development Agency.

Bute water pan located in Bute ward, Wajir North constituency is complete. The pan has an acreage of 23 acres and directly benefits 23 households. Ogorgi water pan also located in wajir north constituency is complete. The pan has a maximum volume of 100,000 meter cubic and covers an acreage of 50 acres. 150 households are benefiting directly with the water from the pan. The PS further Commissioned Bute Borehole and distributed water pumps to Hodhan farm to support the farmers in crop production.

He further noted that the Authority has implemented 44 Irrigation projects since 2013 in Wajir County, 29 of which are complete and the rest are at different stages of implementation at a cumulative cost of 1.2B. 1,200 acres has been under Irrigation in the county and over 3,000 residents have benefited from Irrigation interventions.

He was pleased with the works ongoing in the region and promised the residents that the Government is committed to ensuring people in the area has access to water as envisioned in the Big 4 agenda.