Tana Irrigation Scheme

Tana Irrigation Scheme Manager; James K. Kirigia, in a Commercial maize farm. The Scheme has put 1,800 acres under the crop in the current cropping season.

Section of 100 acres in Hola Irrigation Scheme under cotton (BT variety). It is under a contract farming between the Scheme and Makueni Ginneries. Estimated yield per acre is 1,500 bags. Farmers are excited of the promising yields which will earn them Ksh.50 per Kg.

A farmer in his green grams farm. Tana Irrigation Scheme has cropped 150 acres under the crop. Estimated yield per acre is 5 bags going for Kshs.120 per Kg. in the current market price.

100 acres under rice seed crop in Tana Irrigation Scheme. Estimated yield per acre is 22.2 bags: 20,000 tons. Other crops under production in the Scheme include horticultural crops and cowpeas in 50 acres each. The Scheme brings about an average gross margin of Kshs.126, 082, 000 annually under the different productions. This is in line with the Big 4 Agenda especially on Nutrition and Food Security.